Sunday, November 2, 2014

Front removable flange test

After some "design-fix-test" iterations the new removable Pitot flange passed the pressure test; test pressure was 8 barg.

You find the free downloadable 3D models on GitHub, keep you up to date following the forum.

Have a look to the following general arrangement drawing.

Figure 1 FF-8-500 - Front Flange for 8 mm Pitot- Assembly – 20141025

Major concern was the possible leaking of the pressure lines; sealing is attained with o-rings.

Test consisted in pressurize the total pressure and the static pressure line. Pressure was applied at one line per time or on both lines at the same time. You can see the unit under test in figure 2.

Figure 2 BasicAirData Flange under test

The new flange is suitable to be used with the new air data computer, assembly view in figure 3
Flange connected by means of two pressure ports or lines; one port is for the total pressure that is routed from the probe tip and the other for the static pressure.

Figure 3 Removable Flange, Pitot and Air Data Computer, all from BasicAirData

As the flange is equipped with push-in pneumatic fittings the pressure vessel is also connected with push-in fittings; you can see the coupling detail on figure 4.

Figure 4 Push-in pneumatic fittings and coupling

Refer to figure 5.The main part of the test equipment consist in a pressure vessel. Within this vessel the pressure is adjustable by mean of a valve connected to an air compressor. On the same pressure vessel is fixed a manometer. To test a pressure line we reach the desired test pressure and then we wait 15 minutes. If after that lapse of time the manometer indication is still the same then the test for this port and pressure is considered passed.

Figure 5 Test equipment
The  maximum expected operating pressure is about 1,3 barg,  the test pressure was set to two times operating pressure or 2.6 barg.

As the results of test were positive at 2.6 barg we decided to push further. We tested the flange up to 8 barg.

Unit passed the test at 8 barg. Achieved result is really good and warrant an optimal sealing and reliable pressure measurements.
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