Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Pitot flange family: Front Mounting Flange for 8mm Pitot

We're into the hardware test phase of our new BasicAirData pitot flange.
Have a look to the work in progress forum topic

Figure 1 Front Mounting Flange for 8mm Pitot

Pinpoints of this design are, directly from the designer Graziano mouth:

1) This solution doesn't require to glue the Pitot to the flange, and neither to drill the assembled Pitot. It only requires a small additional drill on external chamber;
2) You can easily remove the Pitot element for substitution of for cleaning, without disconnecting any pipe inside the plane, only acting on the 4 front screws.
3) It has relatively small size;
4) Eventual possible condensation on Pitot is stopped by that flange. We must empty it before it is completely full of water;
5) We could provide an easy way to empty flange from water by adding two additional exits, that normally are kept closed;

During early stage development new features were added

1) Holes that link Pitot with Connectors on rear flange are now Ø4 mm, to allow a better ease of cleaning after the 3D Printing process (Thank'you JLJ  ;) );
2) All threaded holes, as previously seen, are now placed on middle element. Screws are placed on front and on back;
3) All screws are M4. I removed M3 threads because (especially if on plastic) a bigger pitch is to be preferred;
4) O-Ring seatings are normalized ISO3601/01 and DIN3771. I think these O-RINGS are a good solution for sealings, but any suggestion are welcome!
5) Taper on frontal fixing elements is now based on Bikon Commercial Taper Bushes;
6) Connectors are for Ø4 pipes;

You can find the most recent information on the new forum

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