Sunday, February 16, 2014

Karman Vortex Street CFD example

This post starts a mini series about the CFD simulation of a, classical, Von Karman vortex street example.  Some basicairdata instruments, as angle of attack vane, can be affected by  vortex wake.

Video V25.1 Preliminary simulation output

The tutorial-like material will be referred to the following, free to download and to use software :

-2D Sketching,FreecadDraftsight
-Mesher, prepocessor Salome
-FEM engine, Elmer CSC
-FEM postprocessor, Paraview
The mini seriess will follow this scheme

-Sketching of the simulation layout 
-Meshing of the simulation domain
-Non steady simulation run 1
-Considerations on the step-time and simulation run 2, example of bad convergence due to poor step-time choice.
-Visualization of results and video production


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