Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pitot fixation flange evolution

For some time now, as per previous posts, I've been working on the new fixation flange for the 8 mm pitot tube, results at last are good and the website  will be soon updated will all the information needed for the DIY maker.

The production piece is those depicted here below, in figure F12.1.
Figure F12.1 Pitot fixation flange , JLJ courtesy

Although it is only an accessory it's so comfortable to use that it worth some of our time. You can view a video of the whole pitot test assembly here below

Video P12.1 Pitot , pitot assembly test

With this accessory flange the piece count, the weight and the size are optimized further and this is a contribution to a very fast overall construction, calibration and mounting process.

Fixation to frame is achieved with four M6 screws. The four M6 screws warrant a really good fixation and it's also possible to use only 2 holes and trim the other unused fixation tab. Such a flexibility is valuable when the pitot is mounted into the wings.

The flange dimension allow to mount the pitot inside the wing when at lest a thickness of 25mm is available, indeed the wing preparation and the mounting is quite similar to aileron servos mounting.

Regarding mounting I think also a “frontal like” mounting can be useful in some situations so I'm evaluating a possible modification of the original design. Refer to the below rendered figure, here you can view a fixation flange with two extra fixation tabs.

Figure P12.2 Experimental Pitot fixation flange with more fixation tabs, rendered image
Eventually the unused tab can be cut out with an abrasive disc, probably some scars will remain but they can be polish with waterproof abrasive paper and abrasive paste.

The impact of this new design on dimensions and weight is limited, eventually the physical prototype test will highlight any unforeseen issue and will give the opportunity to try a better design.

Have fun,
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